Boldly Innovative

Alfa Twin Clutch Transmission (TCT)

The Alfa TCT clutch has been specially modified for use on the Alfa Romeo 4C and features control software that ensures the fastest possible gearshifts under all conditions — as quick as 130 milliseconds. Gearshifts are more aggressive in the dynamic and race modes, yet are completed in the smoothest way possible on bends to avoid reducing stability.

Dynamic instinct

Alfa TCT interacts with the entire vehicle’s electronic systems. For improved road performance, the Alfa TCT is in continuous communication with the Alfa D.N.A. Selector and with the:
     • Braking System 
     • Steering System 
     • Engine Control Unit
     • Vehicle Stability Control

Launch control

Launch control^ is activated by pressing the brake pedal while pushing the accelerator pedal all the way down and squeezing the paddle on the left of the steering wheel. As soon as you release the brake, the system automatically controls the transmission, traction and power to maximize acceleration.