Race-Inspired Performance

Alfa Romeo philosophy

Alfa Romeo has a long history of creating racetrack-inspired vehicles for the street. It's why designers incorporated some of the same innovative materials and technology found in Formula One cars and supercars. In the racing world, an efficient balance of power and weight is the key to successful racing cars. Alfa Romeo pursues the perfect balance between power and weight. Every component of every vehicle is designed and produced following this balance philosophy.

Innovative materials

Alfa Romeo uses ultralight materials in every component. These materials are not only light but also durable, stiff and dynamically efficient. The 4C begins with the solid foundation of a Carbon Fibre monocoque chassis- three times stronger and seven times lighter than conventional steel. Front and rear aluminum subframes combine strength with weight-saving technologies. Sheet Moulded Compound (SMC) is used for the outer body and is 20% lighter and more stable than steel — and also resists corrosion.

Weighing only 1,118 kg

If there’s one thing Alfa Romeo knows, it’s that lightness means nothing without power. At the heart of a 4C is a 237 HP, 258 lb-ft torque turbocharged inline 4, with a top speed of 258 km/h and a weight-to-power ratio of 4.7 kg/hp. A figure that not only promises genuine supercar agility and performance—it delivers. In fact, the all-aluminum, mid-mounted engine rockets the 4C from 0 to 100 km/h in a head-snapping 4.1 seconds. This breakthrough power plant, married to a car with a curb weight of a mere 1,118 kilograms, creates a car capable of accelerating considerably faster than cars boasting higher horsepower.